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Underage drunk driving

Getting pulled over for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one thing, but you’re pulled over for DUI and you’re underage, you may have to worry about more than just a small fine and short license suspension. What many underage drinkers and drivers fail to realize is that if you are pulled over for drunk driving before you turn twenty-one, you will automatically be charged with Pennsylvania’s highest blood-alcohol content (BAC) tier (in PA, that is .16% and higher). That means that even if your BAC level is actually .01% (legal limit being .08%), you can still be charged with the highest BAC level of .16%. Someone who is arrested for top tier DUI (.16% or higher) must suffer the minimum penalties of at least two days and up to a six months in jail, fines that range from $500 to $5000, and a one-year suspension of your driver’s license. In addition, once you are allowed to drive again, you can expect your insurance rates to be exponentially worse than friends of yours who are still under twenty-five and already pay higher rates than other drivers older than them. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to find a company to insure you, depending on the circumstances of your arrest and any other past driving infractions. Moreover, your underage driving under the influence conviction will be on your permanent criminal record. This means that anyone who a does a background check on you-an employer, university admissions office, or even a landlord-can decide to pass on you, no questions asked. It’s also important to understand that if you are below the age of eighteen and are arrested for a DUI, an attorney is required to have a parent or guardian co-sign your attorney contract. If you think your parents won’t be happy with you, you’re right, they won’t. But owning up to your mistake and taking the responsible steps of securing an experienced DUI attorney will save you from years of potential misfortune. Protect your future. Call underage drunk driving attorney Gary Gerson today at 412-219-6875.

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