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If Someone Snitches On You, Can There Still Be Reasonable Doubt About Your Guilt?


It can be beautiful when personal customs and observances spread beyond their original context, but it is either embarrassing or creepy when corporations invite themselves to the party.  Mother’s Day began when Anna Jarvis held a memorial ceremony at her church to commemorate the anniversary of her mother’s death; in her old age, Jarvis regretted that Mother’s Day had become so commercialized and tried to put a stop to the observance of the holiday.  Two dudes in Oregon invented Talk Like a Pirate Day during a racquetball game in 1995; it is unclear what any of this has to do with donuts, but Krispy Kreme has managed to turn Talk Like a Pirate Day into a cash cow.  In 1971, five students in California would meet outside their school at 4:20 and smoke weed, and now at least one police department in Pennsylvania is in on the action.  You don’t have to be sober to question the wisdom of running your mouth to a cop about the source of your cannabis.  A Pittsburgh marijuana lawyer is much more trustworthy, even if he is old enough to remember when people called weed marijuana.

Juries Should Take Snitch Testimony With a Grain of Salt, and So Should You

It is about as easy to tell that, when police host a 420 party, they are looking for snitches, as it is to figure out how the plot of an episode of Scooby Doo will resolve.  You are too smart to snitch, but eventually you start to worry about what will happen if someone snitches on you.  Prosecutors sometimes act like testimony from informants is a slam dunk.  Do not assume, though, that just because someone snitched on you, that your best hope is a plea deal.  If your case goes to trial, prosecutors can summon the snitch to testify against you in a drug case.  If there are no drugs for the prosecution to show the jury, however, there is room for reasonable doubt.  Even if the prosecutors present drugs as evidence, your lawyer gets to cross-examine the snitch and find plot holes in his or her story.  The incentives to snitch are so strong that jurors know that snitches might be lying to save their own hides.

In the News

The New Cumberland Borough Police Department celebrated 420 Day 2023 as only a police department would.  They offered a regular sized bag of Doritos to everyone who brought a bag of weed to the police station to be tested for adulterants.  If partygoers told the cops where they had bought the weed, they could get a family sized bag of Doritos.  The munchies are a powerful feeling, but there is no need to snitch in exchange for a bag of Doritos when you have the presumption of innocence and the right to representation by a criminal defense lawyer.

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