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Man allegedly posts child pornography to Facebook

A Pennsylvania man is facing criminal allegations after he allegedly posted inappropriate content to his Facebook account. The man is being held on a $100,000 bond in connection with the allegations of uploading and transmitting child pornography, according to authorities. The 67-year-old man’s personal computer and other items were confiscated from his home after a search was executed on Feb. 12, according to news sources. The investigation is continuing into the Internet crime allegations. Authorities say they began an investigation in the case after receiving information from a Facebook employee who reportedly found potential child pornography in the system. That report was submitted in 2013. This January, authorities procured a search warrant for a local Internet service provider, which allowed them to seek out the defendant in connection with the Internet crime. Officers say that a picture of a preteen girl had been posted on the account; that image was sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, along with other law enforcement agencies. The defendant remains in jail in connection with the felony child pornography charge, according to authorities. He has not been able to post the $100,000 bail at this time. It is not clear when another hearing will occur in the matter. Pennsylvania residents who have been arrested and arraigned on Internet crime charges may have questions about their legal proceedings. A criminal defense attorney may be able to provide additional information about legal options and rights, supporting the client from arrest and arraignment to sentencing and beyond. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney may help clients make informed decisions about their own Internet crime proceedings. Source:  Herald-Mail Media, “Chambersburg man arrested for allegedly uploading pornography to Facebook” 15 February 2014

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