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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > Blog > Child Pornography > Three men charged with child pornography distribution & possession

Three men charged with child pornography distribution & possession

Three Pennsylvania men are facing serious sex crimes allegations after they allegedly possessed and distributed child pornography. Official reports show that each of the men has been charged with an Internet crime in connection with an ongoing investigation designed to identify individuals involved in transmitting child pornography throughout the state. The men–ages eighteen, twenty-eight, and forty-nine–are not thought to have been working together; rather, they were reportedly apprehended through the same concerted law enforcement effort.

Seizing personal computers

Authorities report that investigation of the men’s computers found images and videos of underage and prepubescent children participating in sex acts. One man reportedly even had videos featuring children as young as 8 years old. Officers in the case have seized the men’s technological devices, including laptops, cell phones and desktop computers. It appears that all of the men were engaged in not only downloading the pornographic images, but also distributing them to others. They are each facing 10 counts of possession of child pornography, along with several charges for distributing the material. The men are also charged with criminal use of a communication facility, according to official reports. The men are all being held in the Lackawanna County Prison while awaiting preliminary hearings in their cases. None of the men has made bail. Criminal defendants such as these individuals must realize that an arrest for computer crime does not mean that they are automatically considered guilty. Criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania can help these defendants learn more about their legal rights, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their cases. Even though these men are facing serious charges, they can still benefit from the assistance of a qualified attorney, who can guide them through the legal process from arraignment through appeal and beyond.

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