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Man facing theft charges after selling sheep

It seems like a “ba-a-a-d” joke, but the punch-line is anything but entertaining. A Pennsylvania man is facing criminal charges after allegedly stealing and selling his neighbor’s sheep after the animals caused thousands of dollars in damage. The man is currently facing charges of theft. He is mounting his criminal defense for a trial in the matter, which is ongoing at this time. The man argued that he was so furious because of the extensive damaged caused by the sheep that he was driven to sell them at a local livestock auction. The defendant, age 66, says that state police refused to assist him in the matter, even though he called them repeatedly about the runaway animals. After the property damage, lost feed and other costs, the man estimates that the sheep cost him an extraordinary $20,000. The sheep repeatedly found their way into the man’s barn, eating hay, spilling feed for other animals and causing other mischief. In this case, the man told his neighbor that he was going to take the sheep to a livestock sale if they were not properly contained. He simply made good on his promise. Official reports show that the man admits to taking 14 to 16 of the sheep to a livestock sale. He told legal representatives that he did not intend to steal from the man, but he was so furious because of the continued trespassing that he had no other options. If the man is convicted of the misdemeanor theft by taking charge, he could be forced off of the board of supervisors for his township. The man has served on that governing body for more than three decades. In such a situation, it is hard not to sympathize with the defendant. After the real loss of his own property, he simply became fed up. A fair criminal proceeding will determine whether the man is actually guilty of a crime, however. A proper criminal defense will allow the man to exercise all of his rights and allow him to tell his side of the story. Defendants who are facing theft charges are not automatically considered guilty; instead, they should let their criminal defense attorneys educate them about their rights and options in this setting. Source:  www.pennlive.com, “Conewago Township Supervisor Jay Brandt tells jury frustration made him sell neighbor’s sheep” Matt Miller, Oct. 22, 2013

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