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Pennsylvania doctor gets probation for drug crimes

A 77-year-old Pennsylvania physician has been sentenced to probation after allegedly repackaging free drug samples and selling them to patients. The man was forced to surrender his medical license about a month ago, a move that he says has launched him into boredom. He pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful sale of pharmaceutical drug samples in November. That is a felony drug crime, according to official reports. Authorities say that the man began to illegally open samples of blood pressure, cholesterol and stomach acid medications in 2005. He would then repackage the samples for patients, charging about $15 to $20 for his trouble. Those medications were provided at no cost to the physician, but he still decided to sell them, according to a judge in the case. That judge explained that the defendant was aware of the illegality of his actions. The defendant will, however, avoid prison time in connection with the case. The family practitioner will be required to serve a year on probation, along with 200 community service hours and a $5,000 fine. Further, the judge has said that the man is permitted to travel to his vacation retreat in Canada and his second home in Arizona; in some cases, those on probation are not permitted to leave the region. Criminal defendants do not always have to serve time in prison for felony offenses. This man’s case shows that the court can be reasonable and even somewhat lenient for those facing criminal charges. A Pennsylvania attorney can help criminal defense clients learn more about their legal rights and sentencing options. These professionals may also be able to help clients learn more about the implications of various plea decisions. Source:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Former physician gets probation for selling drug samples” 7 March 2014

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