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Man receives light sentence for Internet-related crime

A Pennsylvania man from Upper Moreland has received a modest jail sentence after pleading guilty to a serious of sex crimes. The 31-year-old man reportedly pleaded guilty to sex abuse of children, along with Internet-related crime including possessing child pornography. In exchange, he will serve only eight to 23 months in the local county jail. The man could actually receive credit for the time he has served in jail since early July, which means that he could be released in days. Defense attorneys said they sought such a time-served sentence because they believe the man has a supportive family who can help him with his psychological issues. Further, the man does not have a previous criminal record, and he cooperated with authorities. Officers took the man into custody on July 2, 2013, after he was found with child pornography on his home computer. Authorities report that the man will also be required to serve a four-year probation term in connection with the sentence, and he will be subject to court supervision for a total of six years. The defendant must also submit to treatment recommendations after receiving a mandatory psychiatric evaluation. Further, the man is restricted from possessing a computer during that period of court supervision, and he must register with the Pennsylvania sex offender registry. Criminal defense attorneys may be able to negotiate such lenient sentences, depending on the nature of the Internet crime and the circumstances surrounding the charges. A Pennsylvania attorney may be able to help defendants learn more about their legal rights and options after a child porn arrest. Defendants deserve to make educated decisions about their pleas and other related courtroom matters. Source:  Montgomery News, “Upper Moreland man sentenced to jail for possessing child porn” 1 March 2014

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