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Pennsylvania man facing criminal charges for personal expression

In a country that is supposed to support freedom of speech, there are some instances in which asserting this right might lead to criminal charges. A recent case in Pennsylvania might interest readers because the person being charged with crimes might infuriate some people because of the way the man asserted his right to express himself. The man is facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly spray painting an American flag and displaying it upside down at his home. Local police say they were receiving complaints about the man’s flag. They say they got a complaint about the flag from a servicewoman who says she was offended by the flag. He says that he didn’t mean to offend anyone with the flag display. He says that handing a flag upside down is a sign that shows distress. He says he was only trying to stand up for his American Indian heritage. He says that having the flag at all is pointless if people can’t express themselves freely without having to worry about repercussions of the expression. The assistant police chief says that he isn’t happy with the man’s treatment of the flag. He says that he can’t let things like this happen in his community considering the sacrifices people have made to protect the flag. The two charges placed against this man are insults to the American flag and a desecration of the American flag. This man is now on a quest to defend his personal freedom. As he goes through the court process, he will have to make sure he understands his rights relating to these charges so that he can present a suitable criminal defense to the charges. Source:  News FOX 5 DC WTTG, “Pennsylvania man charged in flag desecration” 19 May 2014

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