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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > > Juvenile Crimes > Teen arrested for alleged robberies outside Pittsburgh

Teen arrested for alleged robberies outside Pittsburgh

A teenager has been arrested for allegedly robbing a man last Monday in Brentwood. The young man denies that he was involved, but police are also saying he is a suspect in other robbery cases that have happened in June. Police aren’t saying what evidence they might have the led them to this particular person, but made the arrest, saying the crimes have gotten more violent with each occurrence. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Pittsburgh area might be a wise decision if someone is arrested for any crime. Police and investigators may sometimes arrest a person for one crime, and then work to gather evidence to charge the person in additional cases. When a person is charged with or convicted of a crime at a young age, their future could be greatly affected. When the person might be considering whether they can go to college, a criminal charge can derail those plans. If someone intends to find full time employment, they might have difficulty being considered for a job, or might have to explain a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person understand the charges they might face and how the criminal court process works. This can often be a confusing time, and any error in judgement might result in a person being convicted. When a person is arrested for one crime, but suspected of more, anything they say to police might be used to help build evidence against that person for multiple cases. Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Police Arrest Teen In Connection With Brentwood Street Robberies,” July 11, 2013

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