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Wolf says no to drug charges for marijuana

As a Pittsburgh criminal defense and drug charges attorney, I have been closely following the recent news surrounding the decriminalization of marijuana and/or legalization of medical marijuana. This is an important topic for me and something I enjoy discussing because of how closely marijuana is scrutinized over in the criminal justice system. If you have been arrested on drug charges, call me for a free evaluation of your case at 412-219-6875. Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf said that he thinks marijuana should be decriminalized. “There are a lot of reasons to look at decriminalization. I think that’s something that I support,” according to the governor. Wolf took it one step further when he proclaimed the drug (charges stemming from arrests) is ripping families apart. Wolf also said that marijuana arrests are one of the main reasons our prisons are overcrowded. “We destroy lives and…make it hard to find employment,” the governor said. Governor Wolf also believes that the use of medicinal marijuana should be a decision left up to physicians, saying: “…we ought to allow them to prescribe the treatments that they feel are best fitted to the challenges facing the person.” Currently, however, the bill has landed in a House committee headed by Tioga County Republican and House Health Committee Chairman Matt Baker said last week that he does not plan on authorizing the use of any illegal drug without approval from D.C. first, and that his stance of legalization is the same as the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s. Wolf doesn’t believe the issue should be so quickly swept under the rug and argued that it’s important legalization be discussed openly amongst lawmakers, instead of treating it so taboo. If you have been arrested on drug charges for marijuana-related offenses, call Pittsburgh drug charges attorney Gary Gerson for a free preliminary consultation at 412-219-6875 today. Source: WPXI.com, “Gov. Wolf: Decriminalize marijuana – ‘We break up families for reasons we shouldn’t'” 19 May 2015

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