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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > > Gary Gerson Cases > Attorney Gerson gets client’s record expunged after aggravated assault of police officer

Attorney Gerson gets client’s record expunged after aggravated assault of police officer

My client, age 22, was charged in Allegheny County with felony Aggravated Assault upon a police officer, misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, and Public Intoxication resulting from a post-concert incident in the Strip District section of the City of Pittsburgh. After being retained, I recommended to my client and his family that he immediately enter an inpatient, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and comply with any outpatient counseling or treatment recommendations by his counselor/therapist. At the preliminary hearing, I provided documentation of the client’s inpatient residency and community service as a fire-fighter. Consequently, the Office of the District Attorney, with the approval of the police officer, withdrew the felony Aggravated Assault count in consideration of a waiver of the preliminary hearing. Ultimately, based on providing documentation of my client’s completion of the inpatient residency at the drug/alcohol facility, his continued participation in a drug/alcohol maintenance program, his consistent attendance at Alcohol Anonymous meetings, and his enrollment in college, I was successful in negotiating a recommendation by the Office of the District Attorney that the remaining charges be resolved through the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) pretrial diversion program. Consequently, my client was able to earn a dismissal of all charges in the Courts of Common Pleas and an expungement of all records of his criminal proceeding.

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