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Cyril Wecht to testify in Ferrante murder trial today

Violent crimes, such as assault and murder, are serious wrongdoings that carry with them long prison terms, sometimes even a lifetime in jail. However, all circumstances are different. People who commit voluntary manslaughter, sometimes called third degree murder or “heat of passion” murder, are tried and convicted of first-degree murder because they aren’t properly represented. Other times, jury members and even judges are swayed by public opinion—it’s just human nature. And there are other instances where there is such a frantic mood to find the culprit that everyone becomes a suspect and an arrest is made before quality evidence is collected. A recent study suggests that at least 4% of people who are sentenced to and receive the death penalty are actually innocent. The famous Dr. Cyril Wecht is now the star witness in the Robert Ferrante murder trial. Dr. Robert Ferrante was a medical researcher and neuroscientist at the University of Pittsburgh who was arrested after his wife died on 20 April 2013 from an apparent cyanide poisoning. Dr. Wecht, whose medical opinion has been sought after worldwide, is admittedly perplexed over what really happened. He was expected to take the stand this morning in the defense’s effort to help prove the suspect’s wife did not in fact die from cyanide poisoning. Depending on what Dr. Wecht had to say today while on the stand could very well determine the outcome of the trial. Experts say they expect a well-planned cross-examination from District Attorneys Lisa Pellegrini and Kevin Chernosky. While Dr. Ferrante’s lawyers are in the third day of their defense and have presented a number of witnesses who believe the victim’s death is inconclusive, the prosecuting attorneys say that it is completely clear she died from cyanide poisoning and they have had their own medical experts give concurrent testimonies. If you have questions about violent crimes, such as assault, weapons charges, or murder, call Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson for a free consultation at 412-219-6875. Source: TribLive.com, “Defense expected to call noted pathologist Wecht in Ferrante cyanide trial” 5 November 2014

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