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Drug charges for 2 men at home of ex-Steeler

Police have taken two men into custody after an alleged drug raid on a home in Pittsburgh’s Mount Washington neighborhood. Authorities claim to have recovered at least 16 firearms, 1,500 bricks of heroin, at least $100,000 in cash and assets and some Cuban cigars. The raid took place at the home of 38-year-old Deshea Townsend, a former cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who played with them for 12 seasons. Townsend currently works as an assistant coach at Mississippi State. Police do not believe that Townsend was involved in the incident.

Various Drug Charges and Weapons Charges

According to police, the raid was initiated after police pulled over the men in question and allegedly uncovered heroin in their Audi SUV. Thereafter, officers obtained a search warrant for the home. The men have been brought up on various drug charges, including possession of heroin and possession with intent to deliver heroin. Moreover, they have also been charged with criminal conspiracy, belonging to a corrupt organization and illegal possession of firearms. The search was conducted on June 8.

Challenging the Initial Traffic Stop

In a case such as this, an attorney may wish to investigate the reason for the initial traffic stop. In order to detain a vehicle, officers must usually be able to demonstrate some form of reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. The circumstances of the traffic investigation may be subject to review, particularly with respect to how the search of the vehicle was initiated and what authorization was given for the search. Given that the vehicular search was at least partially used to justify the subsequent residential search, charges in the case may be reduced if the underlying motivation for the traffic stop is found to be lacking. Source: CBS Sports, “Two arrested after $100K drug bust at house belonging to ex-Steeler”, John Breech, June 09, 2014

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