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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > > Juvenile Crimes > Juvenile crimes: student sells “pot brownies” at Seneca Valley

Juvenile crimes: student sells “pot brownies” at Seneca Valley

Juvenile crimes encompasses a lot of different areas of law. When a juvenile is caught with drugs, it can ruin the rest of their youth and even affect their chances of getting into college or finding employment after high school. If your son or daughter has been accused of possessing or selling drugs, you will need a quality criminal defense attorney to advocate for your boy or girl. Call the juvenile crimes attorney, Gary Gerson, today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875. A Seneca Valley High School boy was arrested late last week when, police say, he sold brownies made with marijuana to his schoolmates during a bake sale. The Jackson Township Police Chief told reporters that the boy was selling the brownies for $15 a piece on Thursday. Police say that at least four other boys bought brownies. One of the boys became sick and told his parents what he had eaten. She immediately contacted the school. According to police, the suspect purchased $140 worth of marijuana and went to a friend’s home where the two of them made the brownies. According to Seneca Valley, the two boys who made the brownies and the four boys who purchased and ate the brownies are all under the age of eighteen. Neither the school nor the police will release the names of those involved due to the ongoing investigation. The school said that they are extensively cooperating with police and that the administration with dole out the consequences upon release of the final police report. In an official statement, Seneca Valley said that it hopes this incident will serve as a reminder to students that using and abusing drugs can detrimentally impair the ability of students and hinder them from developing their social and academic prowess, in addition to adversely impacting the educational environment in which they and the classmates work and engage themselves. Police say that this is a criminal offense and that everyone involved can potentially be charged with possession, distribution, or both.

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