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Pennsylvania man charged with burglary

When a person is accused in any criminal investigation, police often use tip lines and public assistance to locate them. For one Pennsylvania man, those tips led to police surveillance throughout the day on Friday, May 9, eventually leading to his arrest on the same day. According to police, the man is being charged with burglary, theft, and two additional counts of robbery. The man allegedly broke into a home on Tuesday, May 6. According to reports, the man is accused of attacking an elderly veteran during the robbery attempt. Authorities state that the victim held a gun on the man, but the burglar was able to take the gun away. No shots were fired. Police say they used public tips to begin tracking the accused. They used the tips to form a vehicle description, which they said helped them locate the man. A Pittsburgh police sergeant said the office received many tips letting them know where the accused was located. According to the sergeant, the police were able to track the man’s movements throughout the day on May 9. Police say the arrest of the man occurred without incident. The man is currently in jail awaiting court proceedings. Regardless of charges or how the police came to accuse or locate an individual, understanding legal rights and options for defense is an important first step in protecting the future of any accused person. Criminal defense takes many factors into consideration. Understanding whether a defendant should plead not guilty or consider a plea bargain is only one of the many choices involved, which means that getting educated on the process could make a big impact on your ability to protect one’s future. Source:  CBS Pittsburg, “Police Arrest Suspect In Lawrenceville Home Invasion” 9 May 2014

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