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Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to federal gun charge

Pittsburgh residents may be interested in the legal troubles of one man who has pled guilty to federal gun charges. The charges are related to an incident that took place nearly two years ago, involving the alleged unauthorized use of firearms. In late July 2012, members of the Southwest Mercer County Regional Police Department conducted a traffic stop. The two occupants of the vehicle, police claim, were associated with drug trafficking. Police allege that a third person, a 20-year-old man, learned of the stop and drove to where police had pulled over the car. They claim that the man was aware that the stopped vehicle contained drugs. When the man allegedly arrived at the scene, police claim that he began to fire a weapon in the direction of the officers. This, they say, allowed the stopped vehicle to escape the scene. The man was charged with the unauthorized possession of the gun allegedly used in the incident. A jury acquitted the man of the charge during a trial last year. However, the federal government then charged him with the use of the firearm during the incident. The man pled guilty to this federal charge and agreed to a seven-year prison sentence. At the time of the report, he was awaiting a sentencing hearing and serving time related to a separate incident. In situations like this, it can be helpful to have the counsel of an attorney with experience in criminal defense. They may be able to guide a person through the legal process and help ensure that the person’s rights are respected. The attorney may also be able to assist with plea bargaining negotiations or trial defense in order to reduce or eliminate criminal penalties. Source: WFMJ, “Farrell man guilty of using firearm while drug trafficking”, June 10, 2014

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