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Underage drinking and juvenile crimes up around graduation time

Juvenile crimes such as underage drinking and disorderly conduct always spike this time of year. This is due in large part to summer beginning and more teens and young adults having freedom, but it also has a lot to do with graduation parties and the propensity for parents to allow underage kids to drink in celebration. If your son or daughter has been busted for underage drinking or other juvenile crimes, call juvenile crimes lawyer Gary Gerson today for a free consultation. One police officer tells reporters that he sees underage drinking, public drunkenness, and house parties every summer. He says that jump in arrests hasn’t started yet, but will likely begin this weekend as many graduation parties get underway. He says another problem is that, especially on the weekends, there are several parties going on in one day and, if kids are drinking and driving, lives can be ruined by a DUI or fatal car accident. Police say that even for minor arrests like underage drinking, the repercussions can include marks on their permanent record, fines of up to $500, and a loss of driving privileges. In addition, many parents don’t realize that if the kids are busted at the parents’ home, the parents will likely face charges as well. If the police have evidence or probable cause to believe that the parents were allowing the kids at their home to drink, they can be charged with a misdemeanor offense and may have to pay several thousand dollars in fines and court costs. And graduates are not afraid to talk about the parties going around. One recently graduated young man told reporters that he knows of grad parties nearly every weekend this summer, especially at the beginning and end of the summer, and that although drinking is prohibited at most of the parties, there are some where parents will allow kids to drink. However, not all kids are just interested in partying and drinking before the summer is out. Many say that they can have fun without booze this summer and that they are saving those times for when they are of age or when they get to college. It’s not easy being the parent of a teenager, but police say that it is very important that teens’ parent know who and what is coming into their homes. Being a good judge of character, says one policeman, may be the best parenting skill of all. If your son or daughter has been arrested for underage drinking or any other type of juvenile crimes, please call Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary E. Gerson at 412-219-6875 for a free preliminary consultation. Don’t let a mistake distinguish your teen’s future; call The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson today. Source: WICU, “Graduation Season Brings Annual Spike in Underage Drinking Citations” 11 June 2014

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