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Synthetic Drugs in Pennsylvania

Designer drug arrests on the rise in Pittsburgh Designer drugs, known to many as synthetic drugs, are a growing epidemic here in Pennsylvania and around the country. By year’s end, PA authorities believe they will have seized several millions of dollars’ worth of designer drugs. Often times, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) find the drugs packaged and labeled as other products, such as bath salts. People who are indicted on charges related to possessing, selling, and trafficking designer drugs face serious consequences for their crimes, including high fines and multiple years in state prison. If you have been arrested for a synthetic drug-related crime, you will need a competent Pennsylvania drug crimes attorney. Because of the specific nature of synthetic drugs and the nuances to synthetic drug laws, a dedicated drug defense attorney like Gary Gerson can help walk you through the details of your pending trial, and may even be able to forego a trial and seek a plea deal that could exclude prison time. Most important to your particular situation is contacting a lawyer as soon as possible so that your drug crimes advocate has enough time to build your defense. AB-Pinaca One of the more popular synthetic drugs in Pennsylvania is a white powder known as AB-Pinaca, a chemical that is used to make what is known on the street as “spice.” The drugs can be shipped from nearly anywhere in the United States and also from foreign countries like China, Japan, and Mexico. However, police and DEA officials are joining up with local law enforcement and the USPS to crack down on distributors. Because of the big crack downs on crystal meth in recent times, officials believe that these new synthetic drugs are out on the street to replace it. Call PA drug crimes attorney Gary Gerson for a free consultation – 412-219-6875 As the war on drugs continues to permeate through America, the feds are coming down harder and harder on suspects, giving them harsher penalties and higher fines. If you have been arrested for synthetic drugs possession or intent to distribute, call Pittsburgh drug crimes attorney Gary E. Gerson at 412-219-6875 for a free consultation.

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