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Woman arrested on drug charges in Pittsburgh

Being arrested on drug charges for possession of man-made narcotics such as heroin and prescription pills like oxycodone can land a person in jail for a long time, especially if the police can prove that you were attempting to distribute the drugs. A woman from Pittsburgh was arraigned on Tuesday for an arrest that was made Sunday when police say they saw her committing "suspicious behavior" with another woman in a parking lot along Banksville Road, shortly before dusk, late Sunday afternoon. When police searched the vehicle, they found a small bag of heroin and arrested the woman, a 27-year-old from Pittsburgh. On her trip to jail, police say they witnessed her attempt to get rid of close to three hundred oxycodone pills that were concealed in her pants. Police say they noticed her "removing objects" from her pants. When they closely inspected the woman, police found 277 pills and more than $1600 in cash. The 27-year-old has now been charged with possession and possession with intent to deliver. The woman’s preliminary hearing has been set for 19 November. If you have questions about a drug-related arrest or would like to know the laws and related penalties, contact Pittsburgh drug charges attorney</a> Gary Gerson at 412-219-6875 for a free consultation today.

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