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Drug charges await unknown culprit in big Pittsburgh pot bust

Drug charges for the possession and sale/distribution of marijuana are fairly concrete here in Pennsylvania. We wrote a blog earlier today about the penalties associated with marijuana possession and sales. First time offenders who possess small amounts of the drug (less than 30 grams) receive a misdemeanor, fine, and possibly time in jail. First time offenders who are caught attempting to sell or distribute less than 30 grams of marijuana are also charged with a misdemeanor, but their fines and jail sentence are considerably worse. Fines and jail time for multiple offenders go up significantly and when someone is caught with a large amount of pot in which police have probable cause that it was intended to be sold, it is a felony crime and can carry huge fines and multiple years in jail. This morning, Pittsburgh Police say they may have discovered what many are calling the largest marijuana grow-room bust in the last quarter century. The room was discovered in a Lawrenceville building in an alley close to the 4100 block of Davison Avenue. A spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Police say that officers investigated after receiving 911 emergency calls from neighbors reporting suspicious activity. After authorities responded to a call for what they assumed was only breaking and entering, they entered the building and climbed the stairs to the second floor where they found a room filled with cannabis plants. So far, three people, all from McKeesport, have been arrested for attempted breaking and entering. However, there is still no word on who owns or rents the building, or whether or not that person has been taken into custody. If you have been arrested for attempting to sell or distribute a large amount of marijuana, you may be looking at a tremendous amount of fines and years in prison. Contact drug charges attorney Gary E. Gerson for a free case evaluation and take the first step toward lessening the charges against you. Everyone makes mistakes and Attorney Gerson is committed to giving people a second chance. Regardless of the details of your particular situation, call today at 800-806-2456. Source: TribLive.com, “Police discover marijuana-growing operation in Lawrenceville” 29 May 2014

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