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Drunk driving suspect does damage, is hurt in Washington County

Drunk driving charges become exponentially worse when the suspect injures another person or damages property. Obviously, we would never encourage criminal behavior like drunk driving, but people do make mistakes and sometimes it takes a wake-up call like a drunk driving arrest to help them.

At The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, Mr. Gerson has been helping people charged with drunk driving get a second chance for more than twenty-five years. If you have been charged with drunk driving and caused property damage or injured or killed another person, call Attorney Gerson today to talk about the next steps forward.

Police in Washington County believe that a man who crashed his car into five parked vehicles and nearly hit a residential home was drunk in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The accidents happened in North Franklin Township, Washington County, just south of Washington proper. The suspect, a man believed to be in his sixties, reportedly lost control of his vehicle along Park Avenue / Route 18 near Trinity High School at around 3 a.m. in northern North Franklin. Police have told reporters that they believe the suspect was heading north along Route 18 and driving above the speed limit when he jerked his car quickly to the right and hit three parked cars and a van. The impact with the van caused the van to go through a residential yard, then damage a wall before hitting a fence and someone’s flagpole. Before coming to a stop, the suspect hit another parked car and rolled over onto its roof. The man in question had to be rescued from his vehicle by local area firefighters who arrived on the scene shortly after the accident. A police officer on the scene told reporters that the man didn’t say much, but that he was crying out for help because of the pain. The policeman says that he could not initially tell what part of the man’s body was injured because of the massive amounts of blood in the overturned vehicle. The man was Life-Flighted to an area hospital and will face DUI and reckless driving charges as of now. Luckily, no one else was hurt.

If you have been arrested for DUI, Call Attorney Gary Gerson today at 412-219-6875.

Source: WTAE, “Police: Suspected DUI driver crashes own car, hits several vehicles in North Franklin Township” 4 June 2014

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