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Drunk driving charges for worker who allegedly ran over friend

An out-of-state worker who was employed in Pennsylvania is facing serious criminal charges in connection with an alleged drunk driving incident. The 25-year-old man was arrested in his hotel room after the incident and allegedly attempted to flee police before being caught. Authorities said the man was intoxicated, but would not submit to a BAC test. The man is currently facing drunk driving charges, including aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under influence and vehicular homicide while driving under the influence. Other allegations include failure to stop and give aid and careless driving. Authorities say the man hit his 25-year-old friend in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. The driver had reportedly been drinking with friends before that incident, which occurred on 9 July 2014. Police say that the driver, the victim, and another friend drank in their hotel parking lot before going to a nearby bar to drink some more, then stopped at McDonald’s before going back to the hotel. A witness to the accident said she was sitting in the restaurant’s drive-through lane when she saw the defendant’s white truck speeding away from the scene. The witness said the driver briefly got out of the vehicle before departing and after striking the man. The witness said she thought she saw the driver try to get his friend to get up and get in the vehicle, but that the victim was unresponsive and wasn’t moving. She said she saw the victim fall and that he had blood coming out of his mouth after he was hit. Other witnesses apparently saw the accident, but did not testify in the criminal proceeding; however, their information led officers to the man’s hotel room. It is important to remember that an arrest for a drunk driving does not mean that the defendant is automatically guilty. Those facing more serious charges, such as intoxicated manslaughter, may benefit from the assistance of a qualified Pennsylvania attorney, such as Gary Gerson, who can help them learn more about their legal rights and options. If you have questions, call Attorney

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