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Man faced drunk driving charge after sleeping in vehicle

You don’t have to be driving at the moment officers see you to be charged with a DUI. If circumstances indicate a high likelihood that an individual was driving under the influence, officers may arrest them under a drunk driving charge. One Pennsylvania man was arrested after officers found him sleeping in his vehicle. According to reports, the man was found sleeping in his car, which was parked outside of a post office. Police arrived at the station after receiving calls around 2:20 p.m. on Tuesday, April 29. According to police, they found the man sleeping in the driver’s seat of the car. Police were called because the car was blocking the parking lot exit for the post office, according to reports. Police say they detected the smell of alcohol on the driver. They required the 67-year-old man to perform a field sobriety test. According to reports, the man refused to submit a breath sample. He also had an open alcohol container in the car. A news release says that police charged the man with both of these things as well as with driving under the influence. There are a number of defense options available in DUI cases. Defendants may be able to prove they weren’t driving at all; some defendants work to question the results of field sobriety tests, which can be subjective in nature. It’s important to understand all the details in a DUI defense case to decide on the best defense strategy. Because consequences vary greatly depending on how many past DUI convictions a person has, it’s also essential to take that history into consideration before deciding how to plead. Source:  Leigh Valley Live, “Pennsylvania man accused of drinking and sleeping in Hunterdon County” 1 May 2014

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