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Pennsylvania school bus driver accused of drunk driving at work

A Pennsylvania school bus driver is accused of drunk driving after she reportedly became confused and began to drive an unexpected route. The defendant will be required to mount a DWI defense after allegedly consuming gin-soaked raisins before getting behind the wheel. The woman, a bus driver for the Benton Area School District is also facing reckless driving charges. Students who were on the bus said that the driver apparently thought she was driving her morning route, and she began to take the children back toward the school, even though it was afternoon. Those passengers also reported that the woman was acting strangely during the March 19 incident, swerving, yelling and cursing while driving. Authorities told news outlets that officers were waiting for the woman when she arrived back at the school. The woman’s supervisor was also present. The woman denied drinking alcohol, but she reportedly told officers that she consumed gin-soaked raisins. The driver said she uses those raisins to treat her headaches. No information has been contained in local news reports about the woman’s blood alcohol content level at the time of the incident. No further information has been released about pending criminal proceedings. Criminal defendants who are facing drunk driving charges because of work-related incidents may have special criminal defense needs. This is particularly true for those who may have a history of multiple offenses. A Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney may be able to provide additional information for defendants who are facing drunk driving charges in addition to reckless driving or another related charge. An arrest for DUI does not automatically mean that the driver is guilty. A professional defense attorney may provide important assistance that can help defendants learn more about their legal rights and options. Source:  Lancaster Online, “Cops: Driver buses kids back to school, blames gin” Associated Press, Mar. 22, 2014

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