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Woman arrested for drunk driving twice in one day

As a criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, I have handled hundreds upon hundreds of DUI cases. People with multiple drunk driving arrests often come to me to ensure their rights are protected. There are also instances where people who already have one DUI are unfairly treated by the criminal justice system. If you have questions about a DUI or multiple DUI arrests in Pittsburgh, call the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson today for a consultation.

A woman was arrested twice on Saturday for drunk driving following multiple crashes in Somerset Township. Police said the Somerset woman has not yet been arraigned. She was arrested for suspicion of drunken driving at around 5 p.m. after she wrecked her vehicle along Lowry Road. The second drunk driving arrest occurred near the scene of the first accident about an hour later, according to police. Upon the woman’s release from PA State Police, she paid someone she didn’t know $3 for a ride back to her vehicle. There, she got back in and decided to drive again. That’s when she lost control of the vehicle and drove off of Waterlevel Road near the Lowry Road intersection. She hit a parked car, then wrecked into a garage. There have no reports of any injuries. Police say they arrested the woman at the scene of the second accident.

Source:, “Somerset woman arrested for DUI twice in one day” 16 November 2015

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