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Drunk driving charges for man who killed PA cyclist

A 42-year-old Shippensburg man has been charged after he struck a bicyclist during an accident in the area in May. Authorities report that the man was likely intoxicated when he struck the 48-year-old bicycle rider in Southampton Township, Pennsylvania. The driver is accused of striking the bicyclist with his front bumper, causing the man to lose control of his bicycle and ultimately suffer catastrophic injuries. Not only is the man facing drunk driving charges, but he also is accused of involuntary manslaughter, reckless driving, careless driving and even tailgating. Official reports show that the driver had a blood-alcohol content of the time of the crash of nearly .19%, that is significantly higher than the legal limit of .08% for driving in the state of Pennsylvania. The driver allegedly told authorities that he had been consuming alcohol before the crash, drinking beer at the University Grille, which was near to the crash site. Further, the driver admitted to using his mobile phone while behind the wheel just moments before the crash occurred. Although the driver was using his mobile at a stop light, the driver distraction may have still played a role in the crash. So far, the man is still free on unsecured bail of $25,000; an informal arrangement is slated for mid-March. In this case, the man had already admitted to many mistakes before courtroom proceedings even began. Defendants who are facing serious drunk driving charges may benefit from the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney before they speak to authorities. Enlisting the help of a defense attorney before answering questions can help your lawyer in protecting your future from the effects of a DUI charge. Remember that an arrest for drunk driving does not mean that you are automatically considered guilty for the crime, and a criminal defense attorney can help you protect your legal courtroom rights, no matter the nature of the offense.

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