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Teen who drove drunk & killed two gets second DUI

Even though criminal defendants may have faced DUI charges in the past, there is no reason to believe that they might not be apprehended for the same charge again. Those individuals, often known as those with multiple offenses, will usually face more significant drunk driving charges than those who face a judge for the first time. Now, a Pennsylvania man who had spent time in juvenile detention for a fatal intoxicated driving incident has again been arrested for drunk driving, this time in western Pennsylvania. The young man, age 20, is facing a variety of charges in connection with the case. They include DUI and several charges related to underage drinking. Further, it appears that the man was driving even though his license suspension was still in effect from the previous offense. Authorities say that the driver had a blood alcohol content of 0.142 percent, which is seven times the legal limit of 0.02 percent for those younger than the legal drinking age. The young man was seen driving his girlfriend’s car with the woman in the vehicle as a passenger. This is clearly not the first time that the young man has been in trouble with the law for intoxicated driving; he was behind the wheel during a crash that killed two passengers in his SUV in late 2009. He admitted to allegations of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, along with reckless endangerment and various other charges. He had been attending a private psychiatric educational facility for the rest of his high school years, and he was ordered to pay tens of thousands in restitution to the family members of the decedents in that case. This may be a case of a driver who suffers from serious emotional disturbance that causes him to engage in risky behavior. Sadly, those who return to court on multiple DUI charges may face harsher sanctions than first-time offenders. Criminal defense attorneys can help those with multiple offenses learn more about their legal rights and options as the severity of the punishment increases.

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